Global Trade Show facilitates access to global markets
25 Jun. 2019

Global Trade Show facilitates access to local, continental and international markets.

Limited access to markets is one of the major barriers preventing entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized businesses from surviving and thriving in these challenging economic times. According to An Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks & Next Steps' 2018/2019, a report commissioned by Adclick Africa Media Group, 52% of SME owners say they need a lot of assistance in this area.

The three-day Global Trade Show of Networking & Matchmaking South Africa 2019 (GTS 2019), taking place from 29 to 31 July at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, offers participants access to multiple markets across a variety of industry sectors.

“What’s the point of having a great product or service if no one knows about it? “ says Anina Hough of GTS Africa (Pty) Ltd, organisers of the show. “The Global Trade Show is a springboard into diverse markets and countries. The show focuses on creating and facilitating business opportunities – moving away from the traditional “silo-based” approach. It’s the perfect business match-making event!”

GTS 2019 comprises four co-located shows: Tools and Build South Africa (TBS) 2019, Household and Appliances South Africa (HAS) 2019, Food and Beverage South Africa (FBS) 2019 and Smart Electronics and Security (SES) 2019.

Platform for Growth

“I am really excited about the opportunities that GTS offers our members,” says Hettienne von Abo Moolman, Director of Sectoral Co-ordination at the Small Business Institute (SBI), a supporting organisation of the show. “I cannot wait to bring our members to GTS 2019 to experience what I experienced last year”. The SBI has supported the show since its inception three years ago. “There were loads of sectors represented at the show and the opportunities were simply mindboggling,” she continues. “I was amazed to see all the different business opportunities. This is a great space for entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized business owners to find synergies and solutions for business success. At the SBI our focus is on SMME development and the Global Trade Show aligns perfectly to this. GTS and the SBI are committed to opening doors, putting opportunities together and opening dialogue”.

Innovation in Action

SMME Leafline Sanitary Ware is one of over 300 exhibitors that will be at this year’s show. This innovative, woman-owned start-up makes washable and reusable sanitary towels, bed and chair protectors and undergarments from natural fibre taken from the leaf of a pineapple plant! The products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, thus not filling up landfill sites and creating health hazards.

Owner Candy Androliakos explains that the company currently supplies the local pharmacy in Bathurst, Eastern Cape and old age homes in the neighbouring areas. She has also had requests for samples from afar afield as Australia and the USA. She aims to grow her business locally in the short-term, with plans to expands into other African countries over the longer-term.

Androliakos says her main objective for exhibiting at the Global Trade Show is to build her business network. “I aim to make valuable contacts, meet business people from other countries, as well as source suppliers”. Androliakos stresses the importance of business networking: “Everything I have done and found so far has been through networking.”

Free to Attend Workshops

Several free to attend events aimed at assisting entrepreneurs and business owners will run alongside the Global Trade Show. This includes a series of “Entrepreneurs in Action” workshops, together with a number of events and sessions that include topics such as export opportunities, the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Industry 4.0, e-commerce, digital marketing and financing – all topics that those in business need to know about to boost their success. A Women in Business Roundtable Forum will also take place.

For more information on the Global Trade Show 2019, please contact Anina Hough on +27 (0) 83 260 8131 Email:

Anina Hough, director of GTS Africa (Pty) Ltd, organisers of GTS2019

Hettienne von Abo Moolman, Director Sectoral Co-ordination at the Small Business Institute

Candy Androliakos, Founder of Leafline Sanitary Wear