Halaal industry growth in Africa
28 Jul. 2019

JOHANNESBURG - The explosive growth of the Halaal industry in Africa is creating many trade and business opportunities in the food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics and tourism industries, organisers of an upcoming trade show said on Friday.

The Global Trade Show (GTS) will run on July 29-31 in Midrand, with the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) among a growing number of Halaal organisations supporting it.

South Africa is a leading producer of Halaal products worldwide, despite its relatively small Muslim population.

"GTS attracts participants from around the world,” said Anina Hough of GTS Africa, organisers of the show.

“It offers a versatile and effective platform for trade: intra-Africa, inter-Africa, continental and global."

She said this year's show would include participants from Belarus, Canada, Japan and Namibia.

One of its supporters, SANHA, is an international non-profit organisation which promotes professionalism and excellence in the certification of Halaal food and other related products.

"There are numerous and exciting growth opportunities for the Halaal industry in several sectors, including food and beverages, as well as trade,"  SANHA public relations officer Ebi Lockhat said.

"GTS is an excellent platform to discover new products, learn about new technologies, and experience the latest trends. SANHA also uses GTS to foster new partnerships and seek out new opportunities – from around the world.”

Source: Business Report