Household Appliances That Make DIY Easy
07 Jun. 2018

Being a homeowner means that you’re personally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your entire property – from the stones paving your driveway, to the taps installed in your bathroom sink. While you’ll never be expected to add a room extension or install an air conditioning unit without professional assistance, there are many day-to-day tasks involving carpentry and repairs you can easily do yourself. If you want to become a more active DIY expert at home, here are some tools worth investing in:

·       The Cordless Drill

The cordless drill is a timesaving appliance that is helpful for a whole range of DIY activities where you will need to sink, tighten or remove screws. It requires no plugs or wires, and is quicker and more powerful than a manual screwdriver. A cordless drill that can be used on soft and hard surfaces should be able to provide maximum speed of roughly 1900 RPM with 480 inch/pounds of maximum torque. A long-lasting 18-volt battery is also recommended.

·       The Air Compressor

An air compressor is one of the more versatile items to have in your DIY arsenal. It can be used to pump air into flat tyres and other inflatable items and can also be used to clean thin gaps and tricky corners using directed air pressure. Add an airbrush, and you can even paint large areas quickly and evenly. Look for one that has a decent sized tank while still being small and lightweight, and ensure that it has been designed to operate with as little noise as possible.

·       The Router

If you’re planning on working with wood (which is a popular DIY material) you’ll get much further with a router. It’s excellent for cutting dovetail and other tight-fitting joints, grooves for invisible shelf support, neat edges, decorative moulding, and much more. Choose a router that can provide ample power at a variable speed and that can easily be heightened or lowered for use on a table. Look for routers that include extras like dust collection and built-in carrying cases.

With these three above tools (combined with a trusty and well-equipped tool kit) you will be able to undertake just about any project around the home. Once you’ve honed your repair skills you could take it one step further and start making a few DIY creations of your own.