Smart Electronics For Small Businesses
09 Jun. 2018

The first few years of running a small business are some of the most stressful. It’s surviving this period that will determine whether your business thrives or fails. Added to this, is the fact that you’re probably also doing the jobs of three people by yourself. However, even though resources, manpower and finances are always in short supply during this time, you don’t have to suffer. Smart electronics can be a real lifesaver for small businesses by allowing them to get more done at half the cost and in half the time. Here are a few that might interest you:

1.     VoIP equipment

Investing in a VoIP system for your small business is essential. This system forgoes the standard telephone service for one that transmits voice digitally for a higher quality and more stable connection. To be able to use VoIP, you will need modern networking equipment like a business class router and switching gear. An external power source is essential to keep the system going should the power go out.

2.     Multifunction printers

The printer has come a long way from producing copies and printing pages. A multifunction printer will act as a workplace assistant while also cutting down on costs. Modern multifunction printers have built in security features, password protection and encryption to prevent cyber-attacks, and access by unauthorised personnel. It can connect to any mobile and desktop device wirelessly and can scan and print to and from the cloud. It can also optimise printing to use less ink and save costs.

3.     Mobile card processors

When you operate a small business you’re likely to be dealing with dozens of small transactions throughout the day. Ensure that payment can be done quickly and conveniently with a mobile card processor. Many of these can link to apps on your phone and help you keep track of stock levels. It is also portable and can create instant invoices so you can avoid delays in payment.

There are dozens of brands of products to choose from, and not all of them will suit your small business. You will need to consider several factors such as if the electronics in question are scalable, and if it will be used frequently enough to justify the expense. It’s also worth exploring how easy you can get tech support should it malfunction. The best choice will meet all the above criteria.