How To Stand Out At A Trading Show
23 Jun. 2018

Presenting your product or service at a tradeshow is a whirlwind process that can overwhelm even the most experienced business. In just days you’re tasked with making an impression on hundreds of difficult to impress strangers – all the while jostling for attention amongst dozens of your biggest competitors. If you’re wondering how to make an impression at the next trade show you attend, here’s some tips on doing that.

1.     Train your staff

If you want to maximise your trade show success, you have to go further than just having a staff member or two placed in your booth. First impressions matter, and your staff need to be able to answer every possible question thrown at them with a smile on their face. You might be targeting a different audience at this trade show – for example a B2B audience; where you typically have staff members working with a B2C audience. Training them on how to approach and converse with different prospects will work to your advantage.

2.     Banish clichéd gifts

Thinking of getting branded pens, mugs or t-shirts to give away to passers-by? It’s time to think outside the booth box. The average person has dozens of cliched branded goods lying abandoned in a drawer at home. Why waste money just so your business can join them? You don’t have to spend more than you can afford – just make quirkier choices people will 1) notice and 2) actually use.

3.     Generate buzz

There’s no need to wait until the day of the trade show to start creating buzz. If you have a contact database, why not galvanise this audience by encouraging attendance or asking them to bring along someone that could benefit from your product or services (in exchange for tickets to the event or a discount)?

4.     Stand out – literally!

How high is the trade show venue? Don’t forget that you can expand upwards, even if you have limited space lengthwise. Creating something at height will mean that your booth will be seen at every point in the venue, acting as a beacon for potential prospects.

The number one tip we can give you to improve your trade show performance?

Get creative. This will not only wow attendees but also ensure you enjoy yourself at the same time.