This Is How An Appliance For Every Need Might Just Become A Reality Across Africa With Afcfta
11 Jul. 2018

If you are in the appliance business, this means that you are looking at incredible growth opportunities. Here’s why:

The promise of AfCFTA

At its roots, AfCFTA promises to boost trade between all African countries by a staggering 53%, and better yet, promises to deliver a continent-wide GDP of around 2.5 trillion USD. This influx of growth means that emerging markets on the continent will continue to grow stronger as foreign investment increases.

What this means for the appliance industry

As was seen with countries like China during its economic boom, the market for white goods increases dramatically as soon as more citizens become middle class. What this means for businesses and manufacturers is that with the creation of AfCFTA, a much larger percentage of Africa’s 1.2 billion people will become wealthier, also entering an economic bracket where white goods aren’t just necessary, they are seen as products indicating prestige.

There is a caveat, of course. As with most trade agreements like these, it’s the businesses who are already in place, or have positioned themselves correctly, who stand to gain the most from trade opportunities like AfCFTA. This means that if you haven’t thought about doing business in Africa, or if your business isn’t in a position to expand into the continent, you have to start preparing, quickly.

Where you can learn more

One of the best places you can stand to learn more about AfCFTA and the opportunities it will present to appliance-based businesses and manufacturers, is undoubtedly at the Home and Appliance show, that will be hosted this year in Johannesburg.

At the event, you will be able to speak to exporters, manufacturers and distributors from across the world, and better yet, join business match-making events that may just introduce you to a business partnership that could see your business flourish.

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