Smart Security Device Opportunities Are Around The Corner With AfCFTA! Find Out How Your Business Can Benefit
12 Jul. 2018

This is where the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) comes in. Not only will it allow your business to offer cutting-edge smart security devices to a wider African market, due to the economic growth throughout the continent, you might also have to expand your business very soon to stay ahead of the demand. Here’s what you need to know:

AfCFTA in a nutshell


The African Continental Free Trade Area has been in the planning stages since 2012, and recently most of the continent’s leaders have come together to sign the agreement into effect. As the name indicates, the agreement will open up trade opportunities between all the African countries that have signed on, which means a significant reduction in tariffs and import duties.

What this means for smart devices

The trade agreement has projections of increasing inter-country trade on the continent by more than 53%, and is capable of creating a continent-based gross domestic product of 2.5 trillion US dollars.

This incredibly expansive market growth will have to meet the requirements of modern technology, which is exactly where smart device businesses stand to gain. Even better, with the use of smart technology, comes the need for smart security as well.

In short – if you are a smart device manufacturer or distributor, you simply have to start thinking about positioning yourself in such a way that you can meet the soon-to-be gigantic demand for technology on the continent.

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