AfCFTA Is Creating A Free Trade Future - And Building Takes Tools. Do You Know Where To Find Them?
13 Jul. 2018

What is AfCFTA?

In short, AfCFTA is a free trade agreement which allows for the uninhibited flow of goods and services throughout the continent, which opens up the potential for trade and economic growth like never before.


So far, 44 of the continent’s countries have signed on and other major African economies like South Africa are to join the agreement soon.


The need for growth

The need for infrastructure is paramount in emerging economies, and in terms of Africa and AfCFTA, this is where the construction and other similar industries will flourish. Under the free trade act, this means that the need for quality and time sensitive infrastructure projects will be the order of the day, and if your business can provide these types of services, you will have a definite edge over your competitors – but that will mean that you are working with advanced tools and business practices.


Staying competitive

If the above is anything to go by, then the future growth forecasted for the continent will rely heavily on businesses and other enterprises that are capable of providing their services in cost-effective and advanced ways. This means that if your business has the right tools for the job, the sooner it can position itself in this newly-emerged continent-wide market, and start benefitting from its opportunities, the better.


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