Why You Need To Move Now To Take Advantage Of Africa’s Growing Economy
16 Jul. 2018

This means if you haven’t already started your African-based business, now is the time to act to ensure that you get ahead of the market sooner rather than later. If you want to find out exactly why and how you can ensure your business’ growth in the continent’s exciting economic climate, read on!

What the numbers say

2018 is projected to be one of impressive growth for the continent as it shrugs off the effects of the 2014 trade shock. The latest projections provided by the Africa Growth Initiative shows that the aggregate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will see a growth of 3.4% this year, which is a significant rise from 2016’s 1.4% Aggregate GDP. This growth is projected to strengthen to 4% by 2022, which means that businesses who position themselves correctly in their respective African markets stand to grow a great deal.

Africa is coming together

This year the majority of Africa’s leaders have come together to sign the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which will considerably if not completely remove trade restrictions across the continent. This landmark trade agreement is poised to skyrocket the continent’s growth and seeing as it still has to be implemented fully by some countries, there is still time to have your business enter the African market and prepare to leverage the incredible potential for impressive growth opportunities.

How you can benefit

While it might sound easier said than done to enter the African economy, there are various resources available to help you do just that. Most notably is the African-focused General Trade Show (GTS), which will provide you with ample opportunities to get in touch with some of the movers and shakers on the continent, give you current and actionable advice, or even help you set up one-on-one meetings with potential business partners that are just as invested in your success as you are.

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