Is Your Electronics Business Being Smart About Afcfta?
18 Jul. 2018

A continental free-trade area

Earlier this year, most of Africa’s leaders came together to ratify the AfCFTA agreement, which will essentially create a continent-spanning market for goods and services to flow freely across Africa, with little or no tariffs to stand in the way of progress. This means that just about any business that has a foothold in the continent will be able to provide their goods and services across one of the biggest free trade areas in the world.

What this means for electronics traders

The benefits of the AfCFTA to your electronics-based business are far-reaching. Not only will the increase in trade between the countries boost infrastructure development, (which will need cutting edge technology solutions), it will also help create a larger middle class on the continent (which relies heavily on electronics).

The growth in infrastructure will also further open AfCFTA up to foreign investment aimed at stimulating growth across the continent, further giving its SMEs an incredible opportunity to grow like never before.

How you can benefit

The effects of AfCFTA will still take some time before they’re seen throughout the continent, which means that as an electronics-based business owner or manager, there is still time to position your SME to best serve this market with high-quality and cutting-edge electronics.

If you are unsure how exactly you can adapt your business to the expected growth opportunities that AfCFTA offers, you should make it a priority to visit the Smart Electronics Show of South Africa.

At the show you will be able to see what the continent and its international investors have to offer and be able to meet like-minded businesses that you can forge lasting relationships with, all aimed at helping your business grow and expand into Africa.


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