Get four online courses for FREE with RIMS- for GTS visitors only
28 Jul. 2018

For all GTS visitors, you could get four online courses for free with RIMS by simply set up your account and log in. 

Rand International Management & Training Consultant (RIMS) is an organization active in people development. The architects of this organization have since its inception been successful in the development of programs in Banking, Financial management, executive development, middle management, creative management development, accelerated learning and extensive involvement in problem based program development. RIMS has the ability to develop new training material at short notice. The methodology includes the ability to develop according to unit standards, as well as develop according to the “Problem Based” method. This entails a process where the industry problem is analysed in detailed and a training programme developed to address the solution.

Two main products of RIMS are Skillzbook and IRG:

  • Skillzbook is a self-management and growth tool. it secures personal data by providing a service to users that allows them to self-profile their life and career plans. The basic account for Skillzbook is free.
  • IRG offers a variety of programmes, which can be customised to suit the companies needs, such as specialised training programmes, management mentoring, mangement of learnerships, WSP functions, online learning, and learner management system.

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