What will 2019 Global Trade Show do for you?
23 May. 2019

Global Trade Show supports entrepreneurs and business development

Business opportunities, networks and knowledge for entrepreneurs and owners of small- and medium-sized businesses are a key focus of the 2019 Global Trade Show of Networking and Match-Making South Africa (GTS 2019). Now in its third year, GTS 2019 takes place from 29 to 31 July 2019 at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg.

“As a business and trade exhibition that showcases thousands of products across various import and export opportunities, GTS 2019 connects people seeking to establish a business, grow a business or diversify a business, with the right people,” explains Anina Hough, a director at GTS Africa (Pty) Ltd, organisers of the show.

Entrepreneur Focus

“Access to markets and strong networks are two of the main obstacles currently facing entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized businesses,” says Hough. “The Global Trade Show of Networking and Match-Making South Africa offers a unique platform for entrepreneurs to explore local and international markets, as well as to develop vital business linkages across the globe. Embassies, trade missions, government, parastatals, associations and companies all support GTS, giving entrepreneurs and other business owners much-needed access to many markets – provincial, local, continental, regional and international.”

“With more than six million people in South Africa currently unemployed and youth unemployment currently at 3.3 million, we aim to play a significant and constructive role in addressing this,” continues Hough.

A series of “Entrepreneurs in Action” workshops are being planned alongside the exhibition. In addition to these, a number of events, workshops and sessions will take place, addressing topics such as export opportunities, the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Industry 4.0, e-commerce, digital marketing and financing – all topics that those in business need to know about to boost their success. “This is also an excellent learning opportunity for new graduates who have specialised in other areas,” adds Hough.

Global Trade Week 2019 in South Africa
To recognise and celebrate the importance of international trade, one of the themes of GTS 2019 is “Global Trade Week 2019 in South Africa”. This will highlight international trade, as well as intra-African trade, in addition to trade between Africa, South Africa and the rest of the world.

In line with this theme, an exciting addition to this year’s show is the “Global Trade Best Practices – Learning from the World’s Top 10 Exporting Countries in the World” seminar, which will bring together international industry experts and leaders. “We aim to maximise trade opportunities – locally, continentally and globally – so that our economy can grow and more jobs can be created,” explains Hough.

“This seminar aims to equip delegates with essential knowledge and networks to grow our export economy, by sharing practical case studies and relevant tools”.

A focused, one-on-one matchmaking programme will also be hosted throughout the event.
GTS incorporates 4 co-located shows: Tools and Build South Africa 2019 (TBS 2019), Smart Electronics and Security 2019 (SES 2019), Household and Appliances South Africa 2019 (HAS 2019), and Food and Beverage South Africa 2019 (FBS 2019).

Access to Markets
“The show is fast becoming known as the gateway to business opportunities and growth,” continues Hough. “Its diversity – in terms of industries, products and services exhibited and participating countries - means that our exhibitors access more opportunities in one place, at one time. In addition, the opportunities showcased at the event drive job opportunities and job creation.”

“The quality of visitor who attends the show is one of the factors that sets GTS apart,” continues Hough. “As many as 95% of our exhibitors at GTS 2018 generated leads. And several deals were concluded at the show, positively changing the lives of business owners and businesses forever.”

For more information on the Global Trade Show 2019, please contact Anina Hough on +27 (0) 83 260 8131 Email: