• 06 Jun. 2019

    How the US - China trade war could affect Africa.

    As tensions escalate between the two global superpowers, we take a look at what effect this may have on Africa.

  • 23 May. 2019

    What will 2019 Global Trade Show do for you?

    Business opportunities, networks and knowledge for entrepreneurs and owners of small- and medium-sized businesses are a key focus of the 2019 Global Trade Show

  • 13 May. 2019

    ANC wins election with reduced majority.

    Victorious ANC sees a drop in support, following general election.

  • 08 May. 2019

    Global Trade Show supports entrepreneurs and business development

    Learn more about GTS and what it can offer!

  • 01 May. 2019

    Check out our growing list of co-events at GTS!

    GTS 2019 is set to be a real treat for all it’s visitors, exhibitors, VIPs and professional buyers. Take a look at some of the co-events that you can expect to see at the July event.

  • 16 Apr. 2019

    South African economy continues to show growth.

    Take a look at the figures across various industry sectors.

  • 29 Mar. 2019

    China’s Ministry of Commerce is coming to GTS 2019!

    The Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of China has expressed it’s support of GTS!

  • 15 Mar. 2019

    Introducing Futran

    Would you like to ditch the crowded bus on your morning commute? Ever been sitting in traffic and thought, “I wish I could fly right over the top of all these cars, straight to my destination”? Well soon, you may be able to do just that!

  • 12 Mar. 2019

    Welcome Mr Ngwenya!

    GTS is preparing to welcome our latest VIP Guest to the next show in July 2019.

  • 28 Jul. 2018

    Get four online courses for FREE with RIMS- for GTS visitors only

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