• 15 Jun. 2018

    Tired of hearing “We can’t afford you”? Here’s what you can do about it!

    Tired of hearing that your services are too expensive to take on? It is undoubtedly frustrating, but don’t fall for the temptation to price match – instead take the time to answer these questions to find better leads and differentiate your business in the market.

  • 13 Jun. 2018

    How To Build Relationships With Your Competitors

    Build your business by reaching out to your competitors. Here are a few handy tips on how to foster communications in your business industry.

  • 13 Jun. 2018

    Innovative appliances for everyday kitchens

    The kitchen of tomorrow is going to do everything! Leaving you free to entertain guests. Here are innovative appliances everyday kitchens will be using.

  • 12 Jun. 2018

    How Your Business Can Overcome Challenges In The Smart Electronics Market

    Smart electronics manufacturers take note: these are challenges you’re likely to face in the marketplace. Adopt the right approach to overcome them for your business to succeed.

  • 09 Jun. 2018

    Smart Electronics For Small Businesses

    Thinking about starting a small business? Then you should invest in the right equipment to make your job as easy as possible. Here are few smart electronics worth looking at.

  • 08 Jun. 2018

    New International Trends In Building And Construction

    Your construction and building business needs to know the latest international trends if it wants to stay ahead of competitors. Here are a few worth implementing this 2018.

  • 07 Jun. 2018

    Household Appliances That Make DIY Easy

    Attention all homeowners! Thinking about getting started on a home DIY project? Make sure you've invested in the correct tools first.

  • 01 May. 2018

    New Urban Lifestyle Creates Building Opportunities

    With Africa’s population growing and growing and the need for a bigger urban lifestyle, the opportunities for building and construction as well as infrastructure planning will be wide and open to the investors, which will ultimately lead to an improved African economy.

  • 30 Apr. 2018

    Foreign Investment And Funding

    African countries are dependent to a large degree on foreign investment and funding. However, it is through innovative steps taken by African countries that has shown an increase in the viability of a locally-run economy, through the use of technology to improve the domestic lifestyle each country.

  • 29 Apr. 2018

    Furnishing Your House The Right Way

    In countries outside of Africa, it may be taken for granted the luxuries of electricity and running water. However, in Africa, these necessities are too far and few between. For this reason, African countries are coming together to enhance technology available to produce cheaper housing needs.


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