• 13 Apr. 2018

    Why AfCFTA is the best thing that has happened to your business in Africa

    Recently, 44 countries in Africa entered into the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which opens up the continent for incredible trading potential. If you want to trade on the continent then now is the time to enter into the market. Read more here.

  • 03 Apr. 2018

    Opportunities For International Collaboration In The Construction Industry

    The African continent is poised for its markets to expand like never before, which means that its countries are also heavily focused on creating collaboration opportunities in their respective markets for international companies. Here’s why these collaboration opportunities present great growth potential for your business.

  • 31 Mar. 2018

    Why You Should Sell Cutting Edge Household Technology In Africa

    Africa has just unlocked it’s trading potential with its African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement. Better yet, as continent-spanning markets go, African consumers are poised to be ardent buyers of cutting edge household technology.

  • 30 Mar. 2018

    Struggling With E-Commerce? Come to Our GTS Seminar

    It can be challenging for most businesses to implement or find an e-commerce solution that helps them grow. If you are still unsure about e-commerce, here are some benefits as to why you need it, and how the GTS Seminar can help your business grow.

  • 29 Mar. 2018

    Overcoming Cross Border Trade Pitfalls In Africa

    If you’re planning on supplying or bringing products across African borders, make sure you’re prepared for every outcome with this advice.

  • 28 Mar. 2018

    Integrated Trends, Broad Opportunity in South Africa

    the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was signed on March 21,thus creating the largest free trade area on the world.It improves the importance of South Africa as both trade center and economic center of Africa.

  • 24 Mar. 2018

    How To Find The Best Raw Material Suppliers

    Attention all businesses looking for raw material suppliers! Do you know how to source, shortlist and select the perfect supplier for your operations? If not, read our guide on how to find the best raw material suppliers today.

  • 23 Mar. 2018

    Smart Tips To De-Clutter Your House

    It's time you banished clutter from your home, once and for all. You deserve to have more space with less junk filling it up. Follow our simple and easy outline for decluttering your home. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

  • 22 Mar. 2018

    Augmented Reality Emojis Are Here!

    Can you even begin to imagine where text messaging would be without emojis? Well brace yourself, as there's a good chance that the emoji as we know it could soon be replaced by one rooted in Augmented Reality technology.

  • 21 Mar. 2018

    How To Stand Out At A Trading Show

    It's Trade Show time again! Will you meet your goals in terms of ROI or customer acquisition? We have helpful tips to assist you with making your booth and presentation unforgettable. Here's how to stand out at your next trade show!