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Meet agents, distributors, exporters and importers. Attend with well-established infrastructures and trade networks throughout Africa and the world.

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Donnée Kruger, Trade and Investment
KwaZulu-Natal - Manager: Gauteng Office:

The Global Trade show provided great lead generation platforms, quality events and networking. Outcomes for Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) include:

  • Leads generated (during the networking session hosted by TIKZN as well as at our stand) are currently being followed-up and should  translate into Greenfields Manufacturing Opportunities for KwaZulu-Natal
  • The Global Best Practice session of Top Exporting Countries provided a great showcasing opportunity of TIKZN opportunities and services in trade
  • Quality of local entrepreneurs was of a high quality

Sandile Nkosi, PROTOVATE – Director:

I found the GTS extremely valuable in assisting my small business to attain local networks it needed to sustainably grow in this South African ecosystem. It also provided insight into what businesses locally and globally are offering South Africa and the capacity of their manufacturing capabilities and willingness to partner of future projects. Though we did not make many sales, the partnerships and network growth from the event can't be measured by sales. We were happy with the results and would like to attend future GTS events.

Ben de Klerk,African Chamber Association - CEO:

We managed to land a R850 - million project through GTS!

Candy Androliakos, Leafline – Owner:

I really enjoyed my time at the Global Trade show. I managed to meet new and interesting people and I think what I got out of it was to make valuable contacts and exposure to my products. I have followed up with some of the contacts and these will be great for future prospects.

Linda Blackbeard, Randburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) – CEO:

Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity afforded to our SMEs. I believe they all found benefit and it certainly allowed us great opportunity to network with each other.

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